PDF File Voice Resume
For pre-existing productions

Romanticide: Keiichi OutsideBoxProductions Link 2013
Yo Redd Draguu: Narrator RS Studios Link 2013
Korean Basketball Star: Combs 1MFilms Link 2015
Andrenaline: Ryo & Royce 1MFilms Hiatus 
Snake gets a call: Snake Christuffa Link 2011
Trailerma: Movie Guy Christuffa Link 2011
The Snail: Narrator AJ Scarlett Link 2014
Radio Play
Porter of Baghdad 1001
Arabian nights Husband, Extras desertgemsaudio Link 2013
For Tomorrow
A Tale Of Rebellion: Wallace Sartor Intermine Studios EP4 EP5 EP6 EP7 EP8 2013
Seinen Tactics: Usotsuki & Akubeni SuiOtoko19 Link 2011
The Fox: Kobayashi ZMEdiaProductions EP8 EP12 EP13 2010
United: Hades ZMEdiaProductions EP1 EP2 EP3 EP4 EP5 2010
Seduce Me: (Harold) Seraphim Entertainment Link 2015
Pizz’Amore: (Extra) Seraphim Entertainment Link 2014
Kendo Crush: (Jun Naoki) -Canceled PixelFade
Elementar Rising Series: (Glitch) Wind Gear Games
The Guardian’s Spell: (Cato Bennett) –Canceled Winged Cloud
Ace Academy: (Professor) PixelFade

Other Skills: Musician and Sound Design. Artist and Photographer. Computer
literate. Basic knowledge of Sony Vegas 10.
Languages: English and Japanese
Dialects: American English. British

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