He delivered the voice in less than and hour and with really impressive quality! Long term FreeLancer for sure.” ~ Client from Argentina 

It was great working with him. Project was delivered well in time and did required updates right away. Highly recommended for voice over and we will definitely hire him again!” ~ Client from India

Amazing voice overs, sounded like hollywood quality.” ~ Client From Australia

560774_10151129710983312_1974350677_n “This is the first project I have worked on with Lee, and the quality of the audio was unbelievable. He was professional, very efficient, and the communication was excellent. If anyone is looking for a very unique voice, I definitely recommend Lee Turner” ~Microhardxce

“Lee is a dream to work with. Remarkably fast delivery of lines and rapid responses to communications. Lee voiced a jealous young prince and the same prince disguised as a handsome merchant in “1001 Arabian nights audio drama The porter of Baghdad”. His versatility with accents, and ability to powerfully express emotions makes his performance truly spectacular.” ~ Stephanie Davis 1001 Arabian nights

“He really works diligently and cares about any project he’s been cast in. He shows a passion for the project that, despite what it is, he treats it like he can honestly improve from it. He makes a habit of following through with producers to check on the overall status of the production, which isn’t very common with scouted actors.” – Saigo Sentinel “For Tomorrow a tale of rebellion”

“Lee was a pleasure to work with, he hit the Henderson brothers voices the way I wanted them to sound and with superb quality. Giving what I imagined a science fiction frontier accent would sound like.” –Mobius — CoBros Director, Writer “He was great, wasn’t afraid to yell, good quality mic, and got his lines in on time and formatted correctly (you don’t know how thankful we are for this until you use CryEngine2 yourselves).” –redFOX — CoBros Audio Compiler“Voice fits the Henderson brothers perfectly, the kind of voice you’ll expect from the way they look.” –xMaBroSx — CoBros Screenplay

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Lee on my series, Seinen Tactics. Not only did he bring an amazing amount of talent and passion to the show, but he remained consistent and professional throughout the entire process. Also, he has an amazing ability to take direction and work with it to give a performance more grand than one could have dared hope for! Always a delight to work with him.” – Jalen Cassell Seien Tactics

“I have worked with Lee for a number of years now, and he is a valuable asset to have on any project. His performances have always been top notch, and he continues to grow as an actor. I would always be proud to have him be a part of any one of my productions-” Chris Perkins

“Works fast and proficient, very good on contacting about things. Does lines in a great manner of quality. Can trust to get the job done and is always up to getting better, is good with critique. Choose him if you want quality work.” – Jad4321 “Elementar Rising Series”